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Aria Hot Sales

Australian Datong, Aria Apartment had been accomplished successfully on 11th September 2012.

In this Real Estate Exhibition, Aria received consistent high praise from the public and professional insider with high quality products, several kind of floor plan design, good spot in the city of Aria Apartment.

Three factors that Aria Apartment had been concerned:

  • Lowest deposit attracted mass of investment customers, just need $3000 to place and order and sign the purchase contract.

  • Aria Apartment is the only building with double-edged ventilation and double-sided day lighting reflection.

  • Apartment with plenty of covered car parks, basement parking spaces, ground floor parking spaces as well which can be chose by customers and you do not have to worry much about the parking issues.

Aria Apartment's sales had achieved 37% of the sales results within these 6 months after the Aria lanuched. The aim of this exhibition is to serve, send message to public and get in touch with the customers.