Living harmony
in one of the
world’s most
liveable cities.

Aria on Gouger Aria on Gouger Aria on Gouger Aria on Gouger

About Us

Aria on Gouger is a shining example of two acclaimed organisations working in harmony. International developers Datong Australia have hand selected Adelaide’s Loucas Zahos Architects for this, their very first urban community project in Adelaide and, in fact, Australia.

Datong Australia

From the Chinese province of Yunnan, Datong’s has completed projects ranging from small communities up to the 6 Billion Yuan Zhaotong project covering over 1200 hectares. Datong brings international development experience to Adelaide and Australia.

State-of-the-art design, sustainable and environmental outcomes that make a difference to whole cities as well as people’s lives. 

With a vision to create a leading player in the development and rejuvenation of the Adelaide CBD, Datong’s strategy is to become a highly sought after developer for creating high quality, sustainable and ecological urban solutions that Australians want to call home.

Loucas Zahos Architects.

As Aria on Gouger emphatically demonstrates, Loucas Zahos has a proud reputation for delivering design solutions that encapsulate notions of harmony, elegance, sophistication?and unique expression.

A collaborative approach with clients has seen Loucas Zahos deliver a vision with their signature lateral and practical approach, from concept to construction. Loucas Zahos has earned national recognition with the East West Apartments, Tewantin Retreat and Embassy Apartments projects winning state and national residential design awards.

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