City Living
In Harmony.

Aria on Gouger Aria on Gouger Aria on Gouger Aria on Gouger Aria on Gouger Aria on Gouger

Finally! A city lifestyle where your work/life balance is in your hands. Living at the tranquil, parkland end of Adelaide’s Gouger Street with the buzzing markets, cafes and restaurants literally minutes away.

Welcome to Aria.

A home minutes from the world famous end of Gouger Street. Adelaide’s bustling China Town, Central Markets, renowned restaurants and alfresco street cafes where thousands of coffees and friendships are savoured.

And a home at the quiet, peaceful and completely relaxing end of Gouger Street. Offering a leafy haven for jogging, picnics, tai chi and bike riding in the expansive West Parklands.

With a striking, and ever-changing, blue tinted glass facade, Aria itself is literally a living, breathing building. A naturally light filled, central atrium and internal breezeway circulates fresh air for every one of the 95 apartments. And plentiful local parking will make life easier for visiting friends.

Aria on Gouger lets you choose your balance between city and home. That’s city living in harmony.

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